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One Year Later: Quiz


Question 1:
What role did Pauline Garon play in the movie One Year Later?
Joyce Carewe
Vera Marks
Molly Collins

Question 2: The ________ believes that she has merely deluded herself into thinking that she is the Supergirl of the 21st century, but nevertheless accepts her as a new member.
Legion of Super-HeroesSuperboy-PrimeSupermanSuperboy (Kon-El)

Question 3: Shadowpact was launched as an ongoing series spun-off from Day of Vengeance, with writer and artist ________.
Wizard (Dungeons & Dragons)UnderdarkDungeon (magazine)Bill Willingham

Question 4:
What role did George Irving play in the movie One Year Later?
Tony Richards
J. Atwell Hunt

Question 5: ________ is renamed Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes starting with issue #16.
Legion of Super-HeroesSuperboy-PrimeSuperboy (Kon-El)Superman

Question 6:
What role did Will Ahern play in the movie One Year Later?
Deputy Russell
Will Ahern
Tony Richards

Question 7: Oliver Queen is the mayor of Star City and has not appeared in public as ________ for a year.
Green ArrowHal JordanJohn Stewart (comics)Solomon Grundy (comics)

Question 8: The four-month, eight-part introductory story arc ran through both ________ #837-840 and Superman #650-653.
World's Finest ComicsSuperman/BatmanDC Comics PresentsAction Comics

Question 9:
Who played Tony Richards the movie One Year Later?
Russell Hopton
Bruce Kennedy
Russell Hopton
DeWitt Jennings

Question 10: ________ is an ongoing series with revolving creative teams.
Batman (comic book)World's Finest ComicsSuperman/BatmanBatman Confidential

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