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Question 1: Understanding the message will require additional information, often 'depth' of repetition, or some ________.
Traffic analysisEspionageCryptographySignals intelligence

Question 2: Even those generators that are suitable for normal cryptographic use, including ________ and many hardware random number generators, make some use of cryptographic functions whose security is unproven.
Linux/dev/nullDevice file/dev/random

Question 3: Each character in a message was electrically combined with a character on a ________ key.
Piano rollPaper data storagePunched cardPunched tape

Question 4: Photos accessible on the Internet show captured ________ pads that fit in the palm of one's hand,[2] or in a walnut shell.
Iron CurtainEastern BlocBerlin WallKGB

Question 5: Examples include Colonel Rudolf Abel, who was arrested and convicted in ________ in the 1950s, and the 'Krogers' (ie, Morris and Lona Cohen), who were arrested and convicted of espionage in the United Kingdom in the early 1960s.
New York CityNew York metropolitan areaBrooklynManhattan

Question 6: There are many well-vetted designs in the public domain, ranging from the simplicity of ________ to using a block cipher like AES in counter mode.
Symmetric-key algorithmRC4T-functionInitialization vector

Question 7: The random number generation functions in most ________ libraries are not suitable for cryptographic use.
ComputerProgramming languageProgramming paradigmFunctional programming

Question 8: ________ reports that the British Special Operations Executive used one-time pads in World War II to encode traffic between its offices.
Carve Her Name with PridePoem codeBetween Silk and Cyanide: A Codemaker's Story 1941-1945Leo Marks

Question 9: However, if a modern so-called ________ is used, it can form the basis for an empirically secure stream cipher.
CryptographyOne-time padCryptographically secure pseudorandom number generatorAdvanced Encryption Standard

Question 10: Claude Shannon proved, using information theory considerations, that the one-time pad has a property he termed perfect secrecy; that is, the ciphertext C gives absolutely no additional ________ about the plaintext.
InformationArtificial intelligenceSystems engineeringElectrical engineering

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