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One-drop rule: Quiz


Question 1: In the reporter's opinion: "Someone with ________'s deep chocolate complexion would be considered white if his hair were straight and he made a living in a profession.
Sidney PoitierJack LemmonAcademy Award for Best ActorAl Pacino

Question 2: In the musical ________, Steve, a white man who is married to a black woman, is pursued by the sheriff, who is going to arrest Steve and charge him with miscegenation.
Into the WoodsNine (musical)Musical theatreShow Boat

Question 3: In the caste system of colonial ________, there was no barrier for interracial relationships while, at the same time, a racial hierarchy operated, combined with the Iberian purity of blood rules.
CaracasHispanic AmericaAmericasLatin America

Question 4:
One-drop rule, South Africa under apartheid and Jan Smuts are all:
Kinship and descent African American history Apartheid in South Africa Racism in the United States

Question 5: Affirmative action court cases, on the other hand, (when an apparently white person claims invisible black ancestry and claims federal entitlements and/or ________ enforcement) are mixed.
Gerald FordLyndon B. JohnsonEqual Employment Opportunity CommissionBill Clinton

Question 6: Yvette Modestin, a dark-skinned native of Panama who worked in ________, said the situation was overwhelming: "There's not a day that I don't have to explain myself."[6]
MassachusettsDenverPhoenix, ArizonaBoston

Question 7:
One-drop rule, Native Americans in the United States and Manifest Destiny are all:
Native American history Racism in the United States Apartheid in South Africa Multiracial affairs

Question 8:
One-drop rule, Malcolm X and Racism in the United States are all:
Native American history Kinship and descent Racism in the United States Racism

Question 9: She argues that in ignoring their white ancestors, African Americans are denying their fully articulated ________ identities.
EnglandMiscegenationMultiracialInterracial marriage

Question 10: A pencil would be placed in a person's hair, if it fell through they were classified as "White" (or "________", depending on other subjective classification considerations); if the pencil did not fall through, they were classified differently ("Coloured" or "Black", also depending on other subjective classification considerations).
ColouredAnglo-AfricanAfrikanerCape Coloureds

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