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Question 1: Ondine eventually falls in love with a handsome ________, Sir Lawrence, and they were married.

Question 2: She was very beautiful and, like all ________, immortal.

Question 3: [1] They also appear in European folklore as ________-like creatures; the name may be used interchangeably with those of other water spirits.
ElfFairyDwarfFairy painting

Question 4: However, should she fall in ________ with a mortal man and bear his child, she would lose her immortality.
Chemical basis for loveLimerenceJealousyLove

Question 5: According to a theory advanced by ________, an Undine is a water nymph or water spirit, the elemental of water.
ParacelsusSpainGermanyNazi Germany

Question 6: The tale is the basis for "Ondine's Curse," the historical name for ________ (CCHS), a serious form of sleep apnea.
Ondine's curseKleine-Levin syndromeSleep disorderNarcolepsy

Question 7: In the Mana video game series, water spirits are typically referred to as "Undines" as is the water-based summoning spirit in the game ________.
Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New WorldTales of EterniaTales of SymphoniaTales of the Abyss

Question 8: A year after their ________, Ondine gives birth to his child.
PolyamoryRomance (love)MarriageFamily

Question 9: One of the sections of ________'s Gaspard de la nuit is titled "Ondine".
Franz LisztClaude DebussyNikolai Rimsky-KorsakovMaurice Ravel

Question 10: ________ authors will sometimes employ undines in their fiction, often as elementals rather than another type of water spirit, such as in in China_MiƩville's New Crobuzon trilogy.
FantasyFairy taleNovelSpeculative fiction


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