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Oncovirus: Quiz


Question 1: It is not only DNA viruses that are associated with cancers some RNA viruses have also been associated such as the ________ as well as Human T cell leukaemia virus-1 (HTLV-1)
RotavirusHepatitis B virusInfluenzaHepatitis C virus

Question 2: [15] Controversy erupted when ________ claimed all rights to the discovery although the work had been performed under contract with the CDC using Bradley's materials and ideas.

Question 3: In 2006, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved a human papilloma virus vaccine, called ________.
2009 flu pandemic vaccineGardasilCervarixHPV vaccine

Question 4: A direct oncogenic viral mechanism[4] involves either insertion of additional viral oncogenic genes into the host cell or to enhance already existing oncogenic genes (________) in the genome.
CarcinogenesisOncogeneCancerTumor suppressor gene

Question 5: ________ (EBV or HHV-4) is associated with four types of cancers
Epstein-Barr virusCytomegalovirusInfluenzaHerpes simplex virus

Question 6: Jaffe who showed from accumulating evidence from the epidemic of ________ associated with AIDS, that this cancer must have another infectious cause besides HIV itself.
Herpes zosterMolluscum contagiosumKaposi's sarcomaHerpes simplex

Question 7: 1987: ________, or HCV, discovered by panning a cDNA library made from diseased tissues for foreign antigens recognized with patient sera.
RotavirusHepatitis B virusHepatitis C virusInfluenza

Question 8: For discovery that human papillomaviruses (________) cause human cancer, zur Hausen won a 2008 Nobel Prize.
Human papillomavirusAIDSHepatitis BGenital wart

Question 9: Worldwide, liver cancer is one of the most common, and most deadly, cancers due to a huge burden of ________ transmission and disease.
RotavirusHepatitis CViral hepatitisHepatocellular carcinoma

Question 10: [20] DTS was used to isolate DNA fragments of ________ from a Merkel cell carcinoma and it is now believed that this virus causes 70–80% of these cancers.
AdenoviridaeMerkel cell polyomavirusMerkel cell cancerHuman papillomavirus

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