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Question 1: Their disagreement over human origins came to the fore at the British Association for the Advancement of Science meeting featuring the legendary ________.
Reaction to Darwin's theoryCharles DarwinThomas Henry Huxley1860 Oxford evolution debate

Question 2:
When was On the Origin of Species released?
26 Nov. 1859 - 25 Aug. 1860

Question 3:

Question 4: ________ strongly disputed such ideas, holding that unrelated, fixed species showed similarities that reflected a design for functional needs.
PaleontologyDinosaurMammalGeorges Cuvier

Question 5: Evolution had less obvious applications to anatomy and morphology, and at first had little impact on the research of the anatomist ________.
Charles LyellThomas Henry HuxleyWilliam WhewellAdam Sedgwick

Question 6: Darwin accepted blending inheritance, but ________ calculated that as it mixed traits, natural selection could not accumulate useful traits.
GlasgowItalyFleeming JenkinEngland

Question 7: He popularised the terms evolution and ________, and many thought Spencer was central to evolutionary thinking.
Social DarwinismSurvival of the fittestCharles DarwinNatural selection

Question 8: His estimate that the ________ allowed gradual evolution was disputed by William Thomson (later awarded the title Lord Kelvin), who calculated that it had cooled in less than 100 million years.
Geologic time scaleAge of the EarthGeological history of EarthHistory of the Earth

Question 9: ________'s On the Origin of Species, published on 24 November 1859, is a seminal work of scientific literature, considered to be the foundation of evolutionary biology.
Charles Darwin's religious viewsCharles DarwinCharles Darwin's educationNatural selection

Question 10: The minority view of ________, that natural selection was the only mechanism, was called neo-Darwinism.
August WeismannCell nucleusCharles DarwinLamarckism


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