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Question 1: [1] In it Irenaeus identifies and describes several schools of gnosticism and contrasts their beliefs with what he describes as catholic, orthodox ________.
Christian denominationEcumenismChristianityBaptist

Question 2: The purpose of Against Heresies was to refute the teachings of various ________ groups; apparently, several Greek merchants had begun an oratorial campaign praising the pursuit of "gnosis" in Irenaeus' bishopric.

Question 3: Irenaeus refers to the Word as the "Son" who he says, "was always with the Father," which doesn't necessarily oppose the ________ view of God.
Unitarian Universalist Christian FellowshipUnitarian Christian AssociationUnitarianismChristian Universalism

Question 4: Until the discovery of the Library of Nag Hammadi in ________, Against Heresies was the best surviving description of Gnosticism.

Question 5: Due to his assertion that ________ was the current bishop of Rome, the work is usually dated c.‚ÄČ180.
Pope EleuterusPope AnicetusPope Pius IPope Evaristus


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