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Question 1: ________ have been credited with the introduction of OSD in VCRs in the 1980s, including the introduction of on screen programming.
SonyAlpine ElectronicsTaiyo YudenAkai

Question 2: When ________ became more advanced, it became clear that adding some extra devices for an OSD was cheaper than adding a second display device.
Electronic engineeringElectrical engineeringElectronicsEngineering

Question 3: Many ________ television sets use the internal Teletext decoder's graphics rendering system to further reduce costs.

Question 4: After ________ were invented, digital adjustments became common.
Radio controlTeletextPersonal computerRemote control

Question 5: Although, in some underground communities the use of an OSD is regarded ________ and is highly frowned upon.
Mozilla FirefoxMicrosoft WindowsComputerSoftware bloat

Question 6: On-screen displays are also used in ________, and can display various information both on the viewfinder and on the TV set the camcorder is connected to.
D-VHSBetacamCamcorderDigital video

Question 7: In the past, most adjustments on TV sets were performed by means of analog controls, like ________ and switches.
Analog computerAmplitudePotentiometerResistor

Question 8: The complexity of graphics offered by such displays has greatly increased over the years, from simple monochrome images to intricate ________.
X Window SystemDesktop environmentGraphical user interfaceWidget toolkit

Question 9: They needed an external display, which was LED, ________, or VFD based.
Liquid crystal displayOrganic LEDLCD televisionTFT LCD


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