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Question 1: Run • ________ • Caught stealing
Stolen baseHome runBunt (baseball)Strikeout

Question 2: The record for the highest career OBP by a hitter, based on over 3000 plate appearances, is .482 by ________.
Frank RobinsonAndre DawsonTed WilliamsCarl Yastrzemski

Question 3: ________ • On-base percentage • Slugging percentage • On-base plus slugging • Hits • Doubles • Triples • Home runs • Grand slam • RBI • Game-winning RBI • Bunt • Sacrifice bunt • Sacrifice fly
On-base percentageRun (baseball)Batting averagePerfect game

Question 4: Though extremely unlikely, it is possible for a player's on-base percentage to be lower than his ________ (H/AB).
Batting averageGrand slam (baseball)Home runOn-base percentage

Question 5: It first became an official ________ statistic in 1984.
National LeagueBaseball awardsBaseballMajor League Baseball

Question 6: Win–loss record • Pitchers of record • Save • Hold • Earned run • ERA • Complete game • Shutout • ________ • Perfect game • Wild pitch • Passed ball • Strikeout • WHIP
Grand slam (baseball)Run (baseball)Home runNo-hitter

Question 7: The league average for on-base percentage has varied considerably over time; in the modern era it is around .340, whereas it was typically only .300 in the ________.
Babe RuthBaseballDead-ball eraHome run


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