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Omri: Quiz


Question 1: In archaeology, Omri appears several times over the next century or so, beginning with the ________, which recounts one of his acts as king: the annexation of Moab.
Tel Dan SteleMesha SteleHebrew languageDavid

Question 2: He was significant enough that his name is mentioned on a stele erected by Mesha, king of ________, who records his victory over a son of Omri—but omits the son's name.

Question 3: Israel Finkelstein and his student Norma Franklin have identified monumental construction at Samaria, ________, Megiddo and Hazor similar in design and build.
Jezreel ValleyJordanHaifaJerusalem

Question 4: William F. Albright has dated his reign to 876869 BC, while ________ offers the dates of 888 BC to 880 BC for his rivalry with Tibni and 880874 BC for his sole reign.
Edwin R. ThieleHosheaFrank Moore CrossAhab

Question 5: Omri Sharon, the elder son (and close political associate) of former PM ________ seems the most well-known among present bearers of the name.
Menachem BeginEhud OlmertYitzhak RabinAriel Sharon

Question 6: In foreign affairs, this period paralleled the rise of the Kingdom of Aram based in ________, and Israel soon found itself at war in the northeast.

Question 7: This state of peace with two powerful neighbors enabled the Kingdom of Israel to expand its influence and even political control in ________, and these factors combined brought economic prosperity to the kingdom.
British EmpireNorthern RhodesiaGibraltarTransjordan

Question 8: The same is true for the name "________", another Biblical character negatively regarded by pre-Zionist Jewish tradition.
AbrahamAkkadian EmpireNimrodCanaan

Question 9: There was peace with the ________ to the south, and even cooperation between the two rival states, while relations with neighboring Sidon to the north were bolstered by marriages negotiated between the two royal courts.
Kingdom of Israel (united monarchy)Kingdom of JudahHasmoneanKingdom of Israel (Samaria)


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