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Omnivore: Quiz


Question 1: Omnivores (from Latin: omni all, everything; vorare(infinitive) to devour) are species that eat both plants and ________ as their primary food source.

Question 2: ________ are one well-known example of an omnivore.
Wild boarHippopotamusCattlePig

Question 3: Also some primates are omnivorous including ________.
HumanBonoboChimpanzeeCommon Chimpanzee

Question 4: [1] ________ are another example of an omnivore that many people see every day.
Corvus (genus)CorvidaeCommon RavenCrow

Question 5: In addition, some ________, turtles, fish, such as piranhas, and invertebrates are also omnivorous.

Question 6: [2] ________ are also well-known omnivores.
HomoHumanHuman evolutionMind

Question 7: ________ can be classified as carnivores while pandas almost exclusively eat bamboo and are therefore herbivores, although giant pandas will eat some meat from time to time.
Sea otterPolar bearWalrusLion

Question 8: Most ________ species are considered omnivores, but individuals' diets can range from almost exclusively herbivorous to almost exclusively carnivorous, depending on what food sources are available locally and seasonally.
CaniformiaGray WolfBrown BearBear

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