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Question 1: He uncovers information that suggests the serial killer he is looking for is in fact not human but actually a ________.
Unclean spiritDemonologyChristian demonologyDemon

Question 2: The game combines the mechanics of distinct game genres such as ________, first person shooters, fighting games, and even elements of a puzzle game.
Visual novelGraphic adventure gameAdventure gameInteractive fiction

Question 3: The city of Omikron exists beneath an enormous crystal dome which was constructed to protect against the ________ that Phaenon entered after its sun's extinction.
Last glacial periodLittle Ice AgeQuaternary glaciationIce age

Question 4: Omikron: The Nomad Soul (Simply The Nomad Soul in Europe) is a Windows 9x and ________ 3D adventure game developed by Quantic Dream and published in 1999 by Eidos Interactive.
SegaDreamcastSega SaturnMega Drive

Question 5: After doing so, players continue with the investigation of ________ that Kay'l and his partner Den were originally working on, attempting to pick up where Kay'l was apparently stopped from investigating.
Torture murderSerial killerInternet homicideLust murder

Question 6: Common to all Omikronians, however, is the heavily oppressive and controlling government which is run by a ________ called Ix.
Cluster (computing)SupercomputerVector processorParallel computing

Question 7: The Awakened work in tandem with an ancient religious order who are led by Boz, a mystical being that exists in purely electronic form on the ________ of Omikron.
Computer networkingComputer networkOSI modelEthernet

Question 8: Tensions between ________ and Quantic Dream led to the game winding up in development hell.
Eidos InteractiveCrystal DynamicsSquare EnixSquare Enix Europe

Question 9: A ________ version was planned but was cancelled.
PlayStation 3PlayStation PortablePlayStation 2PlayStation

Question 10: [1][2] GamePro compared the landscapes to ________ and said they were also reminiscent of Tim Burton while complaining the character models themselves were "murky and/or blurry".
Gladiator (2000 film)Alien (film)Blade RunnerHannibal (film)

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