Omega Seamaster Omegamatic: Quiz

Question 1: This caliber has the option of manual winding to get the initial power to the ________.
CapacitorElectronic componentCapacitanceInductor

Question 2: The Omega Seamaster 200 Omegamatic is a midsize ________ watch that Omega produced from 1997 until 2000.
Automatic quartzAutomatic watchOmega Seamaster OmegamaticETA SA

Question 3: Another compatible rechargeable battery is the Maxell TC920S lithium-ion cell (________ 3023 xxZ).
SeikoSonyFujifilmSeiko Epson

Question 4: It was superseded by ETA 205.911, which replaced the capacitor with a ________.
Nickel-cadmium batteryBattery (electricity)Rechargeable batteryLithium-ion battery

Question 5: The use of a ________ autoquartz it is not recommended as these carry the inferior ETA 205.711 15 jewel caliber.
Swatch FIVB World Tour 2008The Swatch GroupOmega SASwatch

Question 6: The generator converts this mechanical energy into electrical energy and stores it in an accumulator (________ for caliber 1400).
CapacitanceCapacitorElectronic componentInductor

Question 7: ________ at 12, 6 and 9, and magnified date window at 3.
Eastern Arabic numeralsArabic languageArabic numeralsAbjad numerals

Question 8: in the event of failure due to electrolyte leak, this capacitor could be replaced by a ________ MT920[3] 1.5V (ETA MT920/Citizen 298-177) rechargeable battery.
Panasonic CorporationSharp CorporationHitachi Ltd.Sony

Question 9: Omegamatic used Omega caliber 1400 (ETA 205.111 ________ plated), 17 jewel autoquartz (not thermocompensated) movement with around 100 hours power reserve.

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