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Omagh bombing: Quiz


Question 1: [40] Irish Taoiseach ________ criticised it, saying that "bandying around names on television" could hinder attempts to secure convictions.
Bertie AhernBrian CowenMary HarneyMary Coughlan (politician)

Question 2: [36] The ________ began in Northern Ireland on 7 April 2008.
AnswerClass actionLawsuitDefault judgment

Question 3: [75] They argued that the ________-dominated Omagh council would not acknowledge that Republicans were responsible for the bombing.
Sinn Féin elected representativesSinn FéinUlster Unionist PartyDemocratic Unionist Party

Question 4: [9][10] Queen Elizabeth II expressed her sympathies to the victim's families, while ________ paid a visit to the town and spoke with the families of some of the victims.
Prince Philip, Duke of EdinburghPrince Harry of WalesCharles, Prince of WalesPrince William of Wales

Question 5: [19] In June 2009, the families of all the killed victims won a £1.6 million ________ against the RIRA itself as well as four unconvicted suspects.
Class actionAnswerDefault judgmentLawsuit

Question 6: [72][73] All the mirrors will then bounce the light onto a heart-shaped crystal within an ________ pillar that stands at the bomb site.
Ramesses IIHeliopolis (ancient)ObeliskVatican City

Question 7: [41] In February 2002, Prime Minister Tony Blair declined a written request by the group to meet with him at ________.
Downing StreetEnglandGordon Brown10 Downing Street

Question 8: Unionist Parties:
Ulster Unionist Party
Progressive Unionist Party
Conservative Party
UK Unionist Party
Traditional Unionist Voice
Sinn FéinSocial Democratic and Labour PartyUnited Unionist CoalitionDemocratic Unionist Party

Question 9: Ulster Defence Association
Ulster Volunteer Force
Red Hand Commandos
Ulster Freedom Fighters
Young Citizen Volunteers
Ulster Young Militants
Ulster Resistance
The TroublesLoyalist Volunteer ForceIrish National Liberation ArmyNorthern Ireland

Question 10: [47] After the verdict freeing Sean Hoey, ________ reporter Kevin Connolly stated that "The Omagh families were dignified in defeat, as they have been dignified at every stage of their fight for justice.
BBC News (TV channel)BBC TelevisionBBC NewsBBC Cymru Wales


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