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Question 1: Futurists anticipate four coming events will fulfill prophecy: the Tribulation of seven years, the Second Coming of Jesus, the ________ (1,000 years), and the eternal state.
Gregorian calendarISO 8601TimeMillennium

Question 2: Most scholars see this as a quotation of a passage from the ________ in which God (and the contents of heaven in general) are predicted to come to earth and live among the elect, who by necessity are gathered together for this purpose.
Book of DanielBooks of KingsBook of EzraBook of Zechariah

Question 3: (ESV)"[4:15-17] Some argue that the ________ was forged, essentially for the sole purpose of contradicting the first epistle.
New TestamentSecond Epistle to the ThessaloniansFirst Epistle to the ThessaloniansEpistle to the Ephesians

Question 4: ________ says all biblical prophecy was fulfilled in A.D.
Christian eschatologyPartial preterismSecond ComingPreterism

Question 5: In the narrative is a discourse or sermon given by ________ on the Mount of Olives, hence the name.
New Testament view on Jesus' lifeJesusNew TestamentGospel

Question 6: [15] It still includes belief in a future physical "________" of Christ, the resurrection of the dead, and the last judgment.
Christian eschatologyJesusSecond ComingGospel

Question 7: For the Christians who read the text more literally, this is taken to refer to the ________.
GospelSecond ComingJesusChristian eschatology

Question 8: In the Olivet Discourse, Jesus states that after the time of tribulation and the sign of the sun, moon and stars going dark the ________ would be seen arriving in the clouds with power and great glory.
Gospel of MatthewGospelBook of DanielSon of man

Question 9: This is generally considered to be a reference to two passages from the ________.
Book of RevelationBook of DanielBook of Esther2 Esdras

Question 10: ________ called this "the most embarrassing verse in the Bible".
C. S. LewisMere ChristianityThe Lion, the Witch and the WardrobeThe Great Divorce


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