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Oliver Sacks: Quiz


Question 1:
What did Oliver Sacks do for a living?

Question 2:
What years was Oliver Sacks active?
1966 u2013 present
1966 – early 1980s
1966 - 2003
1966 - 1976

Question 3: After converting his British qualifications to American recognition (i.e., an MD as opposed to ________), Sacks moved to New York, where he has lived and practiced neurology since 1965.
United KingdomBachelor of ScienceSri LankaBachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery

Question 4: [3] Sacks had a large extended family, and among his first cousins are Israeli statesman ________, writer and director Jonathan Lynn, and economist Robert Aumann.
Yitzhak RabinYigal AllonAbba EbanDavid Ben-Gurion

Question 5:
Where was Oliver Sacks born?

Question 6:
What is Oliver Sacks known for?
Lawyer, ISS A/S
Popular books containing case studies of some of his patients
Polar exploration
Invention of the electric cell

Question 7: He serves on the boards of the ________ and the New York Botanical Garden.
San DiegoRockefeller UniversityThe Neurosciences InstituteGerald Edelman

Question 8: The title article of The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat is about a man with visual agnosia and was the subject of a 1986 opera by ________.
Facing GoyaMichael NymanMichael Nyman (1981 album)Michael Nyman Band

Question 9: His 1973 book Awakenings was adapted into an ________-nominated film of the same name in 1990 starring Robin Williams and Robert De Niro.
Academy Award for Best ActorAcademy AwardAcademy Award for Best PictureAcademy Award for Best Director

Question 10: ________
Executive functions
Natural language
Motor coordination
Sensory perception
Optimization (mathematics)Decision makingJoseph Francis SheaPlanning

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