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Question 1: Olive Oyl is a cartoon character created by Elzie Crisler Segar in ________ for his comic strip Thimble Theatre.

Question 2: She constantly gets kidnapped by ________ (aka Brutus), who is Popeye's archrival for her affections, but Popeye always rescues her, winning her affection in the end.
Popeye (film)BlutoOlive OylPopeye the Sailor (1960s TV series)

Question 3:
Who out of the following people is credited as a creator of Olive Oyl?

Question 4: In July ________, a live-animation TV commercial starring Olive Oyl aired as part of an advertising campaign for Campbell Soup Company’s Prego sauces.

Question 5: Unlike most modern ________, Olive Oyl is tall and skinny, with tightly wound hair and enormous feet (the latter sometimes used to comedy effect).
Fairy taleSerial filmDamsel in distressGothic fiction

Question 6: Questel would remain so until after the ________ made-for-TV Popeye shorts in 1960.
Dennis the Menace (U.S.)Phantom (comics)Flash GordonKing Features Syndicate

Question 7: Olive Oyl appeared in the Robot Chicken episodes "The Sack" (voiced by ________) and "Squaw Bury Shortcake" (voiced by Kristen Chenoweth).
Kelly HuDeborah SheltonShannon MarketicAli Landry

Question 8: In ________, King Features produced both a radio spot and industrial for the United States Power Squadrons featuring Robyn Gryphe as Olive and Allen Enlow as Popeye.

Question 9: The strip was later renamed Popeye after the sailor character that became the most popular member of the cast; however Olive Oyl was a main character for 10 years before Popeye's ________ appearance.

Question 10: In the films and later ________ cartoons, Olive Oyl is Popeye's girlfriend, although she could be extremely fickle, depending on who could woo her the best or had the flashier possessions, and was prone to get angry over the tiniest things.
Mechanical televisionVideoTelevisionClosed captioning

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