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Oldsmobile 442: Quiz


Question 1:
What class does Oldsmobile 442 belong to?

Question 2:
Where is Oldsmobile 442 assembled?

Question 3:

Question 4: The name was now defined as referring to the car's 4-speed 200r4 ________, 4-barrel carburetor, and 2 exhausts.
Automatic transmissionDual clutch transmissionDirect-Shift GearboxTransmission (mechanics)

Question 5:
What company manufactures Oldsmobile 442?

Question 6:
What is the engine layout of the Oldsmobile 442?

Question 7:
Oldsmobile 442, Chevrolet Camaro and Pontiac GTO are all:
Coupes Convertibles 1960s automobiles Muscle cars

Question 8:

Question 9:
Which of the following of transmission can the Oldsmobile 442 have?
three-speed manual
Three-speed manual
three-speed automatic
Three speed to chain final drive

Question 10:
What engine does the Oldsmobile 442 use?
Perkins CV8T-400 caterpillar C9
400 CID V8
400 inu00B3 Cleveland V8
4.4 L 400 hp V8 Twin Turbo


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