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Oldowan: Quiz


Question 1: One argument concerning the kind of society the Olduwan tool makers had centers on their strategies concerning foraging and ________.

Question 2: Member I contained a high percentage of ________ remains compared to other animal remains, which did not fit the hypothesis that H. habilis or P. robustus lived in the cave.
Old World monkeyMammalPrimateHominidae

Question 3: The French anthropologists who initiated the study of prehistoric tools defined the ________ stage to precede the Acheulian.
ClactonianAcheuleanAbbevillianHomo heidelbergensis

Question 4: The Oldowan industry is named after discoveries made in the Olduvai Gorge of Tanzania in east Africa by the Leakey family, primarily ________, but also her husband Louis and their son, Richard.
EnglandColin LeakeyMeave LeakeyMary Leakey

Question 5: Genetic studies tell us that the human line possibly diverged from the ________ line, and the native territory of the latter is the forests of Central Africa nearby.
Common ChimpanzeeHominidaeBonoboChimpanzee

Question 6: There are no hominins in those layers, but the same layers elsewhere in the Omo valley contain ________ and early Homo fossils.
Human evolutionAustralopithecusParanthropusNeanderthal

Question 7: "Handedness" (________) had already evolved, though it is not clear how related to modern lateralization it was, since other animals show handedness as well.
Broca's areaHuman brainCerebral hemisphereLateralization of brain function

Question 8: In the last layer at 1.4 million years ago is only ________.
Homo erectusHuman evolutionHomo floresiensisHomo ergaster

Question 9: At the end of the ________, the stone tools were of a high enough quality that they were imitated in metal.
PrehistoryStone AgeUpper PaleolithicPaleolithic

Question 10: Oldowan tools have also been found at Tautavel in the foothills of the ________.
Geographic information systemPyreneesAlpsGeography


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