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Old school hip hop: Quiz


Question 1: Scratching was pioneered by Grand Wizard Theodore in 1977, and the technique was further developed by other prominent ________ such as Grandmaster Flash.
Hip hopDisc jockeyHip hop musicTurntablism

Question 2: [8] In old school hip hop, ________ says that improvisational rapping was instead called “coming off the top of the head”,[9] and he refers to this as “the real old-school freestyle”.
Treacherous ThreeBig Daddy KaneHip hop musicKool Moe Dee

Question 3: [2] Artists such as ________ would use relatively few syllables per bar of music,[3] with relatively simple rhythms.
Hip hop musicGrandmaster Flash and the Furious FiveMelle MelGrandmaster Flash

Question 4: Old school hip hop would often sample ________ and funk tracks such as "Good Times" by Chic.
Freestyle musicNightclubDiscoPost-disco

Question 5: Classical music is noted for its relatively simple rapping techniques compared to later ________.
Alternative hip hopGangsta rapHip hop musicHip hop

Question 6: ________ was also a part of old school hip hop.
RappingNew school hip hopHip hop musicBattle rap

Question 7: One example includes ________'s "Adventures on the Wheels of Steel", which was composed entirely from Flash on the turntables.
Hip hop musicHip hopGrandmaster FlashGrandmaster Flash and the Furious Five

Question 8: [10] This is in contrast to the more recent definition defining ________ as "improvisational rap like a jazz solo".
Freestyle rapCrunkHip hop musicHorrorcore

Question 9: [2] ________ explains how party content played a big part in old school hip hop, in the book How to Rap: "hip-hop was born in an era of social turmoil...
DJ Green LanternImmortal TechniqueTupac ShakurW. E. B. Du Bois

Question 10: Old school hip hop is said to end around 1983-1984 with the emergence of ________, the first new school hip hop group.
Walk This WayHip hop musicJoseph SimmonsRun–D.M.C.

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