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Question 1: The Old World includes ________, Asia, and Europe (collectively known as Afro-Eurasia), plus surrounding islands.
AfricaScramble for AfricaAfrican UnionSub-Saharan Africa

Question 2: (The term may have been coined by Sir ________ in The Geographical Pivot of History.
Halford MackinderEnglandUnited KingdomGeostrategy

Question 3: The mainland of Afro-Eurasia (excluding islands such as the ________, Japan, Madagascar and the Malay Archipelago) has been referred to as the World Island.
Northern IrelandEnglandUnited KingdomBritish Isles

Question 4: Normally, it is divided at the Suez Canal into Eurasia and Africa, the former of which can be subdivided into Europe and ________.
SingaporeContinentMiddle EastAsia

Question 5: ________
PrehistorySynoptic table of the principal old world prehistoric culturesNeolithicDetailed logarithmic timeline

Question 6: Europe can be considered bounded to the southeast by the Caucasus Mountains, the ________ and the waterways connecting the Black Sea to the Mediterranean.
Baltic SeaBlack SeaMediterranean SeaAegean Sea

Question 7: ^ Note: The Old World does not include the lands of the ________ known by Scandinavians before the 15th century.
North AmericaAmericas (terminology)AmericasSouth America

Question 8: Greenland was discovered in the late ________ by Scandinavians, and what is now Canada a few years later — see the Viking expansion.
9th century10th century11th century12th century

Question 9: The demarcation between Asia and Africa (to the southwest) is the Isthmus of Suez and the ________.
Red SeaMediterranean SeaArctic OceanIndian Ocean

Question 10: It can be divided alternatively into Eurasia-________ and Subsahara for cultural and historical reasons.
MaghrebNorth AfricaEuropeMiddle East


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