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  • the Kassel glosses, one of the earliest written documents of the Old High German language, form a practical language guide for foreigners and include phrases containing the jocular xenophobic jibe "Romans are stupid, Bavarians are smart"?

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Question 1: Consequently, the majority of Old High German texts are religious in nature and show strong influence of ________ on the vocabulary.
Catholic ChurchEcclesiastical LatinVulgar LatinMedieval Latin

Question 2: There is wide variation in the consonant systems of the Old High German dialects arising mainly from the differing extent to which they are affected by the ________.
Germanic languagesProto-GermanicMiddle High GermanHigh German consonant shift

Question 3: All the manuscripts which contain Old High German texts were written in ecclesiastical scriptoria by ________ whose main task was writing in Latin rather than German.
Akkadian EmpireScribeBibleTorah

Question 4:

Question 5:

Question 6: Grammatically, however, Old High German remained very similar to Old English, ________, and Old Saxon.
Old DutchMiddle High GermanMiddle DutchOld Frankish

Question 7: the ________ is a special case among the old West Germanic languages.
Old High GermanGothic languageOld FrankishMiddle Dutch

Question 8: Old High German literacy is a product of the monasteries, notably at ________, Reichenau and Fulda.
BernSt. GallenGenevaBasel

Question 9: Its origins lie in the establishment of the German church by ________ in the mid 8th century, and it was further encouraged during the Carolingian Renaissance in the 9th.
PopeSaint BonifaceCharles MartelSaint Sturm

Question 10: The Frankish tribes built their empire at the same time as the ________ took place.
High German consonant shiftOld High GermanMiddle High GermanProto-Germanic

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