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Question 1:
What family does Old French belong to?

Question 2: the Burgundian of Burgundy, then an independent duchy whose capital was at ________;

Question 3: A few alternations remain, however, in what are now known as ________, such as je tiens, nous tenons or je meurs, nous mourons.
Preterite-present verbIrregular verbGermanic strong verbGermanic weak verb

Question 4: The Old Frankish language had a large influence on the vocabulary and the pronunciation of Old French after the conquest, by the Germanic tribe of the Franks, of the portions of Roman Gaul that are now France and ________ during the Migration Period.
BelgiumSpainDenmarkUnited Kingdom

Question 5: Many personal names preserve the old nominative as well, as indicated by their final -s, such as ________, Georges, Gilles, Jacques, and Jules.
CharlesCarl (name)Hungarian languageFrench language

Question 6: the Gallo language of ________, the Romance language of the Duchy of Brittany;
Breton peopleBreton languageBrittanyNantes

Question 7: the Walloon language, centered around Namur in present-day ________;
BelgiumWalloniaWalloon Region (federal region)Liège

Question 8: The Norman conquest of ________ brought many Norman-speaking aristocrats into the British Isles.
WalesScotlandUnited KingdomEngland

Question 9: Main Article at ________
French Renaissance literatureMedieval French literatureFrench poetryFantastique

Question 10: Viking, settlements in ________ during the 10th century.


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