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Old English Game: Quiz


Question 1: Cockfighting became illegal in Britain and ________ in the 1850s and English game fowl are usually kept just by poultry enthusiasts.

Question 2: ________ English Game Fowl tend to have long legs and be muscular and full breasted.
Breed registryPurebredHorse breedingHorse

Question 3: This is especially the case in the ________, where it has its own specialist shows.
United KingdomCanadaWalesEngland

Question 4: one of the type oxford english large were originally bred for ________.
RoosterCockfightUnited StatesChicken

Question 5: The oxford English game fowl can be an ________ bird toward other birds of any sex .
EstradiolTestosteroneAggressionMajor urinary proteins

Question 6: The Old English Game Bantam is the bantam version of this breed, it is one of the smallest ________ breeds, weighing about 22 oz (650 grams) when they are fully grown.
CockfightChicken soupChicken (food)Chicken

Question 7: The Old English Game Fowl is a breed of ________.
Chicken soupChickenChicken (food)Cockfight


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