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Old Colony Lines (MBTA): Quiz


Question 1: Despite high ridership, this line had been a source of problems for the ________, which leased the system.
Central New England RailwayNew York, New Haven and Hartford RailroadAmtrakNew York Connecting Railroad

Question 2: Passenger service along the ________ was discontinued in 1959.
Old Colony RailroadBourne, MassachusettsNew York, New Haven and Hartford RailroadCape Cod

Question 3: The Old Colony Lines are branches of the MBTA Commuter Rail system, connecting downtown ________ with the South Shore and cranberry-farming country to the south and southeast.
AtlantaBostonDenverPhoenix, Arizona

Question 4: The line, with state of the art park and ride stations, proved an instant success, leading proposals to restore ________ service past Braintree to gain strength.
Commuter railInter-city railTramTaxicab


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