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Old Catholic Church: Quiz


Question 1: Protestants occupied most church buildings, and those remaining were confiscated by the government of the Dutch Republic of Seven Provinces, which favoured ________.
CalvinismProtestant ReformationArminianismCovenant theology

Question 2: The convention decided to form the "Old Catholic Church" in order to distinguish its members from what they saw as the novel teaching of papal infallibility in the ________.
Pope John Paul IICatholic ChurchPopePope Gregory I

Question 3: In 1853 Pope Pius IX received guarantees of religious freedom from the Dutch King Willem II and established a Catholic hierarchy, loyal to the pope, in the ________.

Question 4: In the mind of the Holy See, the Old Catholic Church of Utrecht had maintained ________ and its clergy thus celebrated valid sacraments in every respect.
Restorationism (Christian primitivism)Apostolic successionOrthodox ChurchBishop

Question 5: Van Steenoven appointed and ordained bishops to the sees of ________, Haarlem and Groningen.
Kampen (Overijssel)DeventerOldenzaalZwolle

Question 6: Its liturgy has departed significantly from the ________, as is shown in the English translation of the German Altarbook (missal).
Roman Catholic theologySummorum PontificumEucharist in the Catholic ChurchTridentine Mass

Question 7: The Old Catholic Church in Germany received some support from the new German Empire of ________, whose policy was increasingly hostile towards the Catholic Church in the 1870s and 1880s.
Otto von BismarckGeorg von HertlingLeo von CapriviBernhard von Bülow

Question 8: As the groups that split from the ________ in the 1870s had no bishop, they joined Utrecht to form the Union of Utrecht.
St. Peter's BasilicaHoly SeeCatholic ChurchPope

Question 9: These were supported by the Old Catholic ________, who ordained priests and bishops for them.
Old Catholic Church of the NetherlandsRoman Catholic Archdiocese of UtrechtBishopric of UtrechtRoman Catholic Diocese of Groningen-Leeuwarden

Question 10: He was ordained a bishop in India on the 28 May 1892 under the jurisdiction of the Syriac Orthodox ________.
Orthodox ChurchMelkite Greek Catholic ChurchPatriarch of AntiochEast–West Schism


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