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Oklo: Quiz


Question 1: At that time the natural uranium had a concentration of about 3% U235, and could have gone critical with natural water as ________.
Neutron moderatorPlutoniumNuclear fissionNuclear reactor technology

Question 2: For forty years, ________ mined for uranium in Gabon.
ItalyCanadaUnited KingdomFrance

Question 3: Once extracted, the uranium was used for electricity production in France and much of ________.
Western EuropeEastern EuropeBalkansEurope

Question 4: Oklo is a region near the town of Franceville, in the Haut-Ogooué province of the Central African state of ________.
GabonBeninSenegalCôte d'Ivoire

Question 5: Gabon was a French colony when prospectors from the French nuclear energy commissariat (the industrial parts, which later became the ________) discovered uranium in the remote region in 1956.
ArevaNigerAreva NCTuareg Rebellion (2007–2009)

Question 6: Several ________ were discovered in the uranium mines in the region in 1972.
Natural nuclear fission reactorNuclear reactor technologyRadioactive wasteNuclear fission product

Question 7: Gabon's miners half-joked that it was thanks to them that France's high-speed ________ trains could operate.
EurostarThalysBritish Rail Class 373TGV


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