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Oklahoma Panhandle: Quiz


Question 1: With the arrival of horses from ________ in the 16th century, nomadic Indian tribes were able to increase their use of the area for hunting, and for traveling from summer to winter quarters.

Question 2: The passage of the Organic Act in 1890 assigned No Man's Land to the new ________, and ended the short-lived Cimarron Territory.
Oklahoma CityOklahoma TerritoryOklahoma ConstitutionTexas

Question 3: Of the population under the age of 5, 54.95% were non-Hispanic White, 41.12% were Hispanic of any race, and 0.80% were ________ alone.
African-American Civil Rights Movement (1955–1968)African American cultureAfrican AmericanGreat Migration (African American)

Question 4: The Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 set the southern border of ________ as the 37th parallel.
Colorado TerritoryKansas TerritoryMissouri TerritoryNebraska Territory

Question 5: Broken Arrow | Edmond | Enid | Lawton | Midwest City | Moore | Norman | ________ | Stillwater | Tulsa
Pottawatomie County, OklahomaNoble, OklahomaOklahoma CityCleveland County, Oklahoma

Question 6: Under the ________, Texas surrendered its lands north of 36°30' latitude.
American Civil WarTimeline of events leading to the American Civil WarMexican CessionCompromise of 1850

Question 7: The region's ________ needs are served by Oklahoma Panhandle State University in Goodwell, 10 miles southwest of Guymon, the Panhandle's largest city.
Higher educationBachelor's degreeCollegeAcademic degree

Question 8: There was still confusion over the status of the strip and some attempts were made to arrange rent with the ________, despite the fact that the Outlet ended at the 100th meridian.
Cherokee historyCherokeeMuscogee (Creek)Choctaw

Question 9: The Oklahoma Panhandle is the extreme western region of the state of ________, comprising Cimarron County, Texas County, and Beaver County.

Question 10: The largest town in the region is Guymon, which is the ________ of Texas County.
County seatNew YorkArkansasMississippi


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