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Okhotsk: Quiz


Question 1: It was of some military importance during the ________, when the White army generals Vasily Rakitin and Anatoly Pepelyayev used it as their place of arms in the Far East.
1991 Soviet coup d'état attemptPolish–Soviet WarRussian Civil WarSoviet Union

Question 2: It is known for being the headquarters for the explorer Vitus Bering, who sailed from here for two extraordinary expeditions, discovering the Bering Strait on one and ________ on the other.
AlaskaNorthwestern United StatesUnited StatesWashington

Question 3: In 1718 Kozma Sokolov built the first vessel in Okhotsk and embarked upon a voyage to ________.
Brown BearRussiaKamchatka PeninsulaKuril Islands

Question 4: Okhotsk (Russian: Охо́тск) is an urban-type settlement and a seaport at the mouth of the Okhota River on the Sea of Okhotsk, in ________, Russia.
Sakha RepublicPrimorsky KraiKhabarovsk KraiAmur Oblast

Question 5: It was established as a wintering camp in 1643 by the ________ under Semyon Shelkovnikov.
Zaporozhian CossacksBohdan KhmelnytskyKuban CossacksCossacks


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