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Question 1: The term often refers to marine oil spills, where oil is released into the ocean or ________.
FranceExclusive Economic ZoneIcelandTerritorial waters

Question 2: Oil coats the fur of ________ and seals, reducing its insulation abilities and leading to body temperature fluctuations and hypothermia.
RaccoonSea otterLionPolar bear

Question 3: As they attempt to preen, birds typically ingest oil that covers their feathers, causing kidney damage, altered liver function, and ________ irritation.
Human gastrointestinal tractColorectal cancerAscending cholangitisPeritonitis

Question 4: ________: use of microorganisms[5] or biological agents[6] to break down or remove oil
Water pollutionPollutionMarine pollutionBioremediation

Question 5: [8] But it can only be done in low wind,[citation needed] and can cause ________.
Roadway air dispersion modelingParticulateAir pollutionSmog

Question 6: Because oil floats on top of water, less light penetrates into the water, limiting the ________ of marine plants and phytoplankton.
Plant physiologyPhotosynthesisCell wallAlgae

Question 7: Oils that are denser than water, such as ________ (PCBs), can be more difficult to clean as they make the seabed toxic.
Polychlorinated biphenylBisphenol APolystyrenePlastic

Question 8: Controlled ________ can effectively reduce the amount of oil in water, if done properly.
Internal combustion engineOxygenCombustionFire

Question 9: But the dispersed oil droplets infiltrate into deeper water and can lethally contaminate ________.
ScleractiniaCoral reefGorgonianCoral

Question 10: An oil spill is the release of a liquid petroleum ________ into the environment due to human activity, and is a form of pollution.


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