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Question 1: Excess ________ needs to be burned off if there is no way to make use of it, requiring a furnace and stacks, and pipes to carry it from well to furnace.
Natural gasPetroleumCoalEnergy development

Question 2: An oil field is a region with an abundance of ________ extracting petroleum (crude oil) from below ground.
Well loggingPetroleum industryOil wellCompletion (oil and gas wells)

Question 3: Because the ________ typically extend over a large area, possibly several hundred kilometres across, full exploitation entails multiple wells scattered across the area.
Petroleum reservoirWaterPetroleumReservoir modeling

Question 4: The term oilfield is also used as a shorthand to refer to the entire ________.
Peak oilEnergy developmentPetroleum industryOil well

Question 5: In the modern age, the location of oil fields with proven oil reserves is a key underlying factor in many geopolitical ________.
Conflict resolutionConflictProcess consultantOrganizational conflict

Question 6: Because an oil field may be remote from civilization, establishing a field is often an extremely complicated exercise in ________.

Question 7: The largest are the Ghawar Field in Saudi Arabia and the Burgan Field in ________, with more than 60 billion barrels (9.5×109 m3) estimated in each.
BahrainUnited Arab EmiratesQatarKuwait


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