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Question 1: Oil is a somewhat vague term in ________; instead, the scientific term for oils, fats, waxes, cholesterol and other oily substances found in living things and their secretions, is lipids.
Periodic tableElectrochemistryChemistryInorganic chemistry

Question 2: The steam engine turns the ________ into rotary motion, which can then be transformed into electricity, by means of a generator.
Thermodynamic potentialGibbs free energyEntropyInternal energy

Question 3: In particular, many foods are fried in oil much hotter than boiling ________.
Water resourcesEarthOxygenWater

Question 4: It is used in religious ceremonies, such as the chrism used in baptism, and has traditionally been used to ________ kings and queens.
Orthodox ChurchAltarAnointingCoronation

Question 5: ________ has been called oil of vitriol in pre-scientific times, due to its viscous consistency.
Hydrochloric acidAmmoniaAcetic acidSulfuric acid

Question 6: ________, allow oils and water to mix
Dosage formCream (pharmaceutical)ColloidEmulsion

Question 7: Almost all oils burn in aerosol form generating ________, which can be used directly, or converted into other forms of fuels by various means.
Internal energyTemperatureHeatEnergy

Question 8: Other processes include expression, or ________.
Liquid-liquid extractionDistillationAzeotropeAcid-base extraction

Question 9: Many edible plant and ________ oils and fats are used in cooking and food preparation.

Question 10: An essential oil is a concentrated, hydrophobic liquid containing volatile ________ from plants.
Backhousia citriodoraBasilAroma compoundPerfume

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