Ohio State University: Quiz

Question 1:
What type is thing is Ohio State University?
Attacked by PLAAF La-7s, crashed into the sea
Sea grant
Passenger Sea Terminus

Question 2:
Who of the following has been president of Ohio State University?

Question 3: University of Chicago â€˘ University of Illinois â€˘ Indiana University â€˘ University of Iowa â€˘ University of Michigan â€˘ ________ â€˘ University of Minnesota â€˘ Northwestern University â€˘ The Ohio State University â€˘ Pennsylvania State University â€˘ Purdue University â€˘ University of Wisconsin–Madison
Michigan State UniversityWayne State UniversityMichigan State SpartansMichigan State University academics

Question 4:
What are the colours of the Ohio State University?
scarlet and gray
Purple, red, silver, white

Question 5: Hall of fame players, in pro-football, include Sid Gillman, Lou Groza, Dante Lavelli, Jim Parker, Paul Warfield, ________, and Bill Willis.
Dan Rooney2008 Pittsburgh Steelers seasonPittsburgh SteelersDick LeBeau

Question 6:
How many staff does Ohio State University have?
38 faculty
5,202 academic faculty, 19,277 non-academic staff
More than 90 fulltime, Ph.D. faculty
160 faculty

Question 7:
What state is Ohio State University associated with?

Question 8:
What is the motto of Ohio State University?
above the crest: Petit alta, and below the shield: Mercie is my desire
"Tolerance and Diversity"
Disciplina in civitatem
Fidelity to our nation and flag,

Question 9:
Where does Ohio State University come from?

Question 10:
When was Ohio State University established?

Source: The Full Wiki (http://quiz.thefullwiki.org/Ohio_State_University)