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Og: Quiz


Question 1: The 2nd century BC ________ book "Ogias the Giant" or "The Book of Giants" depicts the adventures of a giant named Ogias who fought a great dragon, and who was supposedly either identical with the Biblical Og or was Og's father.
BibleNew TestamentApocryphaBiblical canon

Question 2: 3:11 declares that his "bedstead" of iron is "nine ________ in length and four cubits in width" (13 ft x 6 ft) according to the standard cubit of a man.
YardAnthropic unitsFathomCubit

Question 3: [1] In ________ lore he is referred to as ‘Uj ibn Anaq (‘Ûj ibn ‘Anâq عوج بن عنق), evidently one of the giants mentioned in the Qur'an (jababirat or jabbirun).
Islamic schools and branchesMosqueIslamMuslim history

Question 4: It is also written in the ________[2] that he had a special compartment in Noah's Ark just for him.
TalmudMidrashBibleRabbinic literature

Question 5: According to the ________, the Israelites, while passing through Bashan, were attacked by Og and his army, fought with them, and took the land from them.
Christianity and JudaismBibleNevi'imBiblical canon

Question 6: The internal chronology of the Deuteronomistic History and the Torah would suggest Og's overthrow and the conquest of ________ by Israel around c.
QatnaCanaanPalestinian territoriesAncient history

Question 7: Og is first mentioned in the ________, specifically the 21st and 32nd chapters.
Book of DeuteronomyBook of NumbersBook of LeviticusBook of Exodus

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