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Question 1: [2] Non-national or supra-national organizations such as the United Nations and the ________ may also have official languages.
European UnionDenmarkEuropean ParliamentGermany

Question 2: For example, in ________ the Māori language has official status under the Māori Language Act even though it is spoken by less than five percent of the New Zealand population.
New ZealandNauruUnited KingdomAustralia

Question 3: An official language is a language that is given a special legal status in a particular ________, state, or other territory.
United KingdomEnglandScotlandCountry

Question 4: Official language status is often connected with wider political issues of sovereignty, cultural nationalism, and the rights of ________ and ethnic minorities, including immigrant communities.
Indigenous peoplesEuropeIndigenous peoples by geographic regionsAfrica


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