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Offering (Buddhism): Quiz


Question 1: By contemplating on an offering, one tangibly sees life's impermanence (Pali: anicca), one of the ________ of all things upon which the Buddha encouraged his disciplines to recollect.
Three marks of existenceĀtman (Buddhism)AnattaBuddhism

Question 2: In the ________, the Buddha declared practice offerings as "the best way of honoring the Buddha"[20] and as the "supreme" offering.
Pāli CanonParivaraSutta PitakaBuddhism

Question 3: [9] The act further honors the Triple Gem (the Buddha, ________ and Sangha), deepening one's commitment to the Buddha's path.
NirvanaDharma (Buddhism)Buddhism and HinduismBuddhism

Question 4: In Buddhism, symbolic offerings are made to the ________, giving rise to contemplative gratitude and inspiration.
Householder (Buddhism)Iṣṭha-deva(tā) (Buddhism)Three JewelsBuddhist texts

Question 5: flowers represents the aspiration to achieve the body of the Buddha with the ________ as well as the teaching of impermanence.
Index of Buddhism-related articlesPhysical characteristics of the BuddhaBuddhist artHistory of Buddhism

Question 6: [6] Within the traditional Buddhist framework of ________ and rebirth, offerings also lead to:


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