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Odyssey (disambiguation): Quiz


Question 1: Odyssey, a spaceship in the anime series ________
Ulysses 31Maple TownInspector GadgetJayce and the Wheeled Warriors

Question 2: Odyssey (tanker), an oil tanker responsible for an oil spill off the coast of Nova Scotia; see ________
List of oil spillsUnited StatesUnited KingdomSpain

Question 3: Odyssey, a virtual world based on the ________
2004 Summer Olympics2006 Winter Olympics2010 Summer Youth Olympics2000 Summer Olympics

Question 4: Odyssey (UK SF magazine), a 1997-98 ________
Isaac AsimovNew Wave (science fiction)Science fiction magazineElectric Velocipede

Question 5: ________ or Odyssey, an Evangelical Christian-themed radio series
McGee and Me!James DobsonAdventures in OdysseyFocus on the Family

Question 6: SF magazine), a 1976 ________
New Wave (science fiction)Isaac AsimovElectric VelocipedeScience fiction magazine

Question 7: The ________ is an ancient Greek epic poem attributed to Homer.
Trojan WarOdysseusOdysseyIliad

Question 8: Odyssey, callsign of the Command Module for the ________ space mission
Apollo 8Apollo 13Apollo programApollo 11


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