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Question 1: Even though it’s only a mere transient ________ moment, this moment can cause a nonparallel dipole moment in an adjacent molecule.
DipoleMagnetic fieldElectric dipole momentMagnetic moment

Question 2: This involves keeping an adequate distance from the nearest receptor and paying attention to the ________ conditions; e.g., prevailing wind direction.
MeteorologyMETARWeather forecastingPrecipitation (meteorology)

Question 3: ________ is a thermo separation process, which is characterized by the removal of molecules out of a fluid phase at a solid surface.
ChemisorptionAdsorptionBET theorySurface science

Question 4: Some fragrant flowers give off odor plumes that move downwind and are detectable by ________ more than a kilometer away.
EsoxCattleHoney beeBee

Question 5: This belief has led to the concept of “________” wherein fragrances are claimed to cure a wide range of psychological and physical problems.
GrapefruitDistillationAromatherapyEssential oil

Question 6: ________ assessment is the process of scaling odors on a scale ranging from extremely unpleasant via neutral up to extremely pleasant.

Question 7: Such interactions are mostly unfocused in contrast to ________.
Hydrogen bondChemical bondAromaticityCovalent bond

Question 8: The reaction, as with other chemical allergies, can be anywhere from a slight headache to ________, which can result in death.
AllergyAnaphylaxisGraft-versus-host diseaseSerum sickness

Question 9: Whole industries have developed products to remove unpleasant odors (see ________).
DeodorantAluminiumAluminium chlorohydrateBacteria

Question 10: A female ________ may release a pheromone that can entice a male moth that is several kilometers away.


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