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Odoacer: Quiz


Question 1: Zeno promised ________ and his Ostrogoths the Italian peninsula if they were to defeat and remove Odoacer.
Theodoric the GreatAlboinCharlemagneWitiges

Question 2: In 488, Emperor Zeno started a mostly verbal campaign against Odoacer, accusing him of playing a major part in the revolt of ________ in 484.
IllusBasiliscusZeno (emperor)Verina

Question 3:

Question 4: He may have been the son of the Scirii chieftain, Edeko, a vassal of the Huns under ________.
Flavius AetiusHunnic EmpireAttila the HunEurope

Question 5:
Where did Odoacer die?

Question 6:

Question 7:
Who of the following was a predecessor of Odoacer?

Question 8: In 487 Odoacer led his army to victory against the ________ in Noricum, but he did not incorporate it into his own kingdom.
Oksywie cultureGothsRugiiGermanic peoples

Question 9: In that same year, Theodoric besieged Odoacer at ________.

Question 10: On 28 August 475, they defeated Nepos, who fled to ________.
Split (city)DalmatiaCroatiaBosnia and Herzegovina

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