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Oder: Quiz


Question 1: Near its mouth the Oder reaches the city of ________, a major maritime port.
StralsundSzczecinGreifswaldStargard Szczeciński

Question 2:
What is the mouth of the Oder known as?
Ill (Austria) in Frastanz, Vorarlberg
San Francisco Bay
Szczecin Lagoon
Columbia River

Question 3:
Where does Oder come from?
Germany, America
USA, UK, West Germany
USA/West Germany

Question 4: In German it was and is called the Oder, written in older records as Odera or Oddera in ________ documents and was mentioned in the Dagome iudex, which described territory of Duke Mieszko I ca.
Late LatinLatin literatureMedieval LatinVulgar Latin

Question 5: The Oder is 854 km long: 112 in the Czech Republic, 742 in Poland (including 187 on the border between Germany and Poland) and is the second longest river in Poland (after the ________).
Polish–Lithuanian CommonwealthNarewVistulaWarsaw

Question 6: In the 13th century, the first ________ were built to protect agricultural lands.
HydropowerDamHydroelectricityWater turbine

Question 7: The Oder was an important trade route and towns in Germania were documented along with many tribes living between the rivers Albis, Viadrus and ________.

Question 8: It flows through Silesian, Opole, Lower Silesian, Lubusz, and West Pomeranian voivodeships of Poland and the states of ________ and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in Germany.
SaxonySilesian UprisingsBrandenburgOder

Question 9: Downstream of Frankfurt the Warta River forms a navigable connection with Poznań and ________ for smaller vessels.

Question 10: A document of the Bishopric of ________ (1086) mentions Zlasane, Trebovyane, Poborane, and Dedositze in Silesia.

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