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Odd-toed ungulate: Quiz


Question 1: The only extant family of this suborder is Equidae (whose sole surviving genus is Equus), comprising the horse, zebra, ________, onager, and allied species.
Equus (genus)MuleDonkeyWild horse

Question 2:
What period does the fossils of the Odd-toed ungulate come from?
Pliocene to Present
M Sil - U Dev
?Late Paleocene - Recent

Question 3:
What classis does Odd-toed ungulate belong to?

Question 4: This is because they are hindgut fermenters, digesting plant ________ in their intestines rather than in one or more stomachs.

Question 5: The wild ass was the first equid to be domesticated,around 5000 BC in ________.

Question 6: Instead, perissodactyls may be more closely related to carnivorans, bats and ________ (and, by default, the Creodonts and Cimolestids).
PangolinOdd-toed ungulatePrimateMammal

Question 7: All extant perissodactyls are large, from the 180-kg Mountain Tapir to the 2,273-kg ________.
Black RhinocerosSumatran RhinocerosWhite RhinocerosIndian Rhinoceros

Question 8: The quagga was hunted for its meat, the tarpan were hunted for sport, and a subspecies of ________ was hunted for its horn (as with all other African rhinoceros species).
Indian RhinocerosBlack RhinocerosWhite RhinocerosPlains Zebra

Question 9: Nevertheless, many odd-toed species survived and prospered until the late ________ (about 10,000 years ago) when they faced the pressure of human hunting and habitat change.
Last glacial periodGlacial periodLittle Ice AgePleistocene

Question 10: The extinct, rhinoceros-like ________ are also included in this suborder.
BrontotheriidaeMammalEquidaeOdd-toed ungulate


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