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Odawara, Kanagawa: Quiz


Question 1:
Under the ________, Odawara became a Odawara Domain, a feudal han ruled by a succession of daimyō.
BakumatsuTokugawa shogunateTokugawa YoshinobuEdo period

Question 2: On August 15, 1945, Odawara was the last city in Japan to be bombed by Allied aircraft during ________.
World War IISecond Sino-Japanese WarCollaboration with the Axis Powers during World War IISoviet occupations

Question 3: As of 2009, the city had an estimated ________ of 198,353 with a population density of 1,740 persons per km² (4,506 persons per square mile).
PopulationOverpopulationWorld populationPopulation growth

Question 4: It was divided into shōen during the ________, mostly controlled by the Hatano clan and its various branches.
Nara periodHeian periodAsuka periodKamakura period

Question 5: During the ________ between the Heike clan and Minamoto no Yoritomo, the Battle of Ishibashiyama was fought near present-day Odawara.
Minamoto no YoshitsuneGenpei WarHōjō TokimasaEmperor Go-Shirakawa

Question 6: Odawara (小田原市 Odawara-shi ?) is a city located in western Kanagawa Prefecture, ________.
JapanCanadaUnited KingdomCambodia

Question 7: Because of the clear water and plentiful undersea life, many people come to Enoura for ________.
Scuba divingScuba setRebreatherDiving hazards and precautions

Question 8: From the Ritsuryō system of the ________, the area became part of Ashigarashimo District of Sagami Province.
Kofun periodJapanNara periodAsuka period

Question 9: During the ________, Odawara developed as a castle town and capital of the domains of the late Hōjō clan, which covered most of the Kantō region.
Emperor ŌgimachiOda NobunagaTokugawa IeyasuSengoku period

Question 10: ________ are also sometimes present there.
Green turtleHawksbill turtleKemp's RidleySea turtle


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