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Odalisque: Quiz


Question 1: Most odalisques were part of the Imperial Harem, that is, the household, of the ________.

Question 2: In popular use, the word odalisque also may refer to a mistress, concubine or ________ of a wealthy man.
Intimate relationshipInterpersonal relationshipLimerenceRomance (love)

Question 3: Odalisques were ranked at the bottom of the ________ of a harem, serving not the sultan, but rather, his concubines and wives as personal chambermaids.
SociologySocial classWorking classSocial stratification

Question 4: During the 19th century, odalisques became common fantasy figures in the artistic movement known as ________, being featured in many erotic paintings from that era.
IstanbulEdward SaidOrientalismOriental studies

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