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Question 1: Even more worryingly for Octane, it attracted the attention of his former leader ________, who put a price on his head for his treachery.
UnicronThe Transformers (TV series)The Transformers (IDW Publishing)Galvatron

Question 2: Octane was responsible for being the Decepticon that informed Ratbat, that Scorponok's troops were attacking their base caused by the secret of the ________ being revealed in error.
The Transformers (TV series)Transformers (comics)Optimus Prime (Transformers)The Transformers (Marvel Comics)

Question 3: This alerted Autobot leader ________, who was able to foil his scheme.
IronhideRodimus (other incarnations)BotConProwl (Transformers)

Question 4: The two unlikely allies would end up dodging both Galvatron's troops and hired ________ on Octane's trail.
Western (genre)United StatesBounty hunterClint Eastwood

Question 5: In the episode "Starscream's Ghost", Octane fled into the Decepticon crypt, pursued by ________, Scourge and the Sweeps.
GalvatronCyclonusUnicronTransformers: Universe

Question 6: Octane appears among Megatron's troops in the story At Fight's End by ________.
IronhideJazz (Transformers)RodimusTransformers: Timelines

Question 7: As he rushed into battle with the rest of his fellow warriors, Octane was seen to be attacking the ________ Rippersnapper.
PredaconsThe Transformers (TV series)TerrorconsGalvatron

Question 8: During his desertion, Octane collaborated with the ________ Triple Changer Sandstorm to avoid getting captured.
AutobotThe Transformers (TV series)BotConTransformers: Universe

Question 9: Grimlock had escaped and was intent on reactivating his fellow ________.
Ravage (Transformers)Transformers: UniverseSoundwave (Transformers)Dinobots

Question 10: One of the three Decepticon Triple Changers, Octane can transform between a robot mode and two vehicle modes: a tanker truck and a ________ jet.
Boeing 777Boeing 757Boeing 747Boeing 767


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