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Question 1: In addition, the ________ was established to monitor the busy north-Atlantic shipping lanes for icebergs.
United StatesC-130 HerculesInternational Ice PatrolCanada

Question 2: The period between the end of the 19th century and ________ is considered the "golden age" of ocean liners.
Collaboration with the Axis Powers during World War IIWorld War IISoviet occupationsSecond Sino-Japanese War

Question 3: The majority of the superliners of the 'twenties and 'thirties were victims of ________, mines or enemy aircraft.
German Type U 66 submarineGerman Type VII submarineU-boatGerman Type XXI submarine

Question 4: Ships contracted to carry British ________ used the designation RMS.
Postverk FøroyaMagyar PostaDeutsche PostRoyal Mail

Question 5: To make matters worse, the ________ put many shipping lines into bankruptcy.
Federal Reserve SystemUnited StatesGreat DepressionRepublican Party (United States)

Question 6: In 1914 the Empress of Ireland sank in the ________ with 1,012 lives lost.
Saint Lawrence RiverOttawa RiverDetroit RiverGreat Lakes

Question 7: Before World War II, ________ had not been a huge threat to ocean liners.
Business jetDouble-deck aircraftWide-body aircraftAircraft

Question 8: In 1905, the British ________ fitted its liner Carmania with steam turbines with which it outperformed its near-identical sister Caronia, powered by triple-expansion steam engines.
RMS OlympicCunard LineWhite Star LineRMS Aquitania

Question 9: Canadian Pacific Railway became one of the largest transportation system in the world combining with ships and railways operating from ________.
United StatesUnited KingdomCanadaBarbados

Question 10: In addition to passengers, liners carried ________ and cargo.
Royal MailUnited KingdomPostal historyMail


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