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Occupation of Poland (1939–1945): Quiz


Question 1: Soviet authorities implemented a political regime similar to ________,[44][45][46][47] based on terror.
Secret policeMass surveillanceStalinismPolice state

Question 2: If they passed the battery of racial, physical and psychological tests, they were sent on to Germany for "Germanization" as part of the SS ________ ("Fountain of Life") program.
Nazi propagandaMein KampfNeo-NazismLebensborn

Question 3: Many Poles and other Eastern Europeans were also sent to concentration camps in Germany: over 35,000 to Dachau, 33,000 to the camp for women at ________, 30,000 to Mauthausen and 20,000 to Sachsenhausen, for example.
1943Auschwitz concentration campRavensbrück concentration campNazi Germany

Question 4: The German People's List (________) classified Polish citizens into four groups.
Nazi GermanyVolkslistePolish areas annexed by Nazi GermanyVolksdeutsche

Question 5: While Germans enforced their policies based on ________, the Soviet administration justified their Stalinist policies by appealing to the Soviet ideology,[37] which in reality meant the thorough Sovietization of the area.
South Africa under apartheidRacismEthnic cleansingRacial segregation

Question 6: The primary objective of the plan was that all of ________ should become part of the greater Germany, the so called German Lebensraum (living space).
BalkansCentral EuropeEastern EuropeWestern Europe

Question 7: ________ and many other schools were reopened soon but they were restarted anew as Soviet institutions rather than continue their old legacy.
Lviv UniversityLychakiv CemeteryUkrainian Catholic UniversityLviv Polytechnic

Question 8: Jewish ________ victims totaled 3,000,000[71]
Responsibility for the HolocaustAntisemitismThe HolocaustHolocaust (resources)

Question 9: Most of the remainder were sent to various ________.
Heinrich HimmlerNazi concentration campsThe HolocaustAdolf Hitler

Question 10: Frank oversaw the segregation of the Jews into ________ in the larger cities, particularly Warsaw, and the use of Polish civilians as forced and compulsory labour in German war industries.
Los AngelesWhite flightPhiladelphiaGhetto

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