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Occupation of Latvia by Nazi Germany: Quiz


Question 1: During the years of Nazi occupation, special campaigns killed 90,000 people in ________, approximately 70,000 of whom were Jews and 2,000 Gypsies.

Question 2: On January 15, 1945, ________ (German: Heeresgruppe Kurland) was formed under Colonel-General Dr.
Army Group BArmy Group NorthArmy Group CentreArmy Group Courland

Question 3: ________ (by Nazi Germany and the USSR, 1939-1991)
Occupation of the Baltic statesWinter WarContinuation WarOccupation of Latvia by Soviet Union 1944–1945

Question 4: The killings were committed by the ________, the Wehrmacht and, in Liepāja (Šķēde), the Marines.
EinsatzgruppenEinsatzkommandoFranz SixSchutzstaffel

Question 5: Many Latvians fled through this battlefield in fishing boats and ships to Sweden and Germany, from where they emigrated to various parts of the world, mostly ________ and North America.
BarbadosUnited KingdomCanadaAustralia

Question 6: Throughout the entire period of occupation, the embassy of independent Latvia continued to function in ________
Phoenix, ArizonaWashington, D.C.AtlantaBoston

Question 7: Colonel-General Heinz Guderian, the Chief of the ________, insisted that the troops in Courland be evacuated by sea and used for the defense of the Reich.
German General StaffAdolf HitlerPrussian ArmyGermany

Question 8: Latvia became a part of ________'s Reichskommissariat Ostland – the Province General of Latvia (German: Generalbezirk Lettland).
Axis powersNazi GermanyAdolf HitlerNazism

Question 9: In 1944, the Red Army lifted the siege of Leningrad and re-conquered the Baltic area along with much of Ukraine and ________.
Bosnia and HerzegovinaSerbiaBelarusAzerbaijan

Question 10: They were trapped between the ________ and the Soviet lines while the Soviet Army concentrated on attacks in East Prussia, Silesia, Pomerania, and ultimately Berlin.
Arctic OceanBaltic SeaNorth SeaBlack Sea

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