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Question 1: On the following day, Emperor ________ announced Japan's unconditional surrender on the radio.
Emperor MeijiEmperor TaishōHirohitoAkihito

Question 2: MacArthur that was responsible for conducting the Occupation)[19], and was promulgated as an amendment to the old Prussian-style ________.
KokutaiMeiji ConstitutionImperial Japanese ArmyMeiji period

Question 3:
What is Occupation of Japan's current status?
syndicated on TV Land
Military occupation

Question 4:
Who of the following is/was the leader of Occupation of Japan?
Douglas MacArthur
Andrew Jackson
Redha Malek
Trevor Roberts

Question 5: ________ (Tokugawa)
Tokugawa shogunateBakumatsuEdo periodTokugawa Yoshinobu

Question 6: personnel flew to Atsugi, ________.
YokohamaJapanKanagawa PrefectureTokyo

Question 7: In 1946, the Diet ratified a new ________ which followed closely a 'model copy' prepared by the GHQ/SCAP (namely the organization headed by Gen.
Emperor of JapanConstitution of JapanPrime Minister of JapanPolitics of Japan

Question 8:
Where does Occupation of Japan come from?
Japan, UK
Japan ,
from, Japan to, Philippines

Question 9: However, Ladejinsky has stated that the real architect of reform was ________ Hiro Wada, former Japanese Minister of Agriculture.
Karl MarxSocialist stateSocialismMarxism

Question 10: ________ 400 BC–250 AD
JapanYayoi periodKofun periodYoshinogari site

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