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Question 1: ________ and apartments in particular aim for full occupancy, but if too many are built in an area this is often not the case.
Small office/home officeBathroomOfficeHouse

Question 2: ________ and central heating are often placed in this space as well, for their use of natural gas, propane, or other fossil fuels in combustion.
EnergyHVACPower stationWater heating

Question 3: An occupancy sensor is a device that can tell if someone is in a room, and is often used in ________ and security systems.
BluetoothPower line communicationBuilding automationHome automation

Question 4: Occupancy can also refer to the number of units in use, such as hotel rooms, ________ flats, or offices.
SkyscraperApartmentHigh-riseTower block

Question 5: Occupancy can also mean the number of ________ using an undivided space, such as a meeting room, ballroom, auditorium, or stadium.
PersonCivil and political rightsHuman rightsProperty

Question 6: In this sense, there are two occupancies in most ________: the garage and the living space of the home.
Single-family detached homeHouseBathroomKitchen

Question 7: In this case, an occupancy separation with a two-hour fire-resistance rating may not be able to de-rate its closures, such ________ or firestops.
Fire protectionCertification listingPassive fire protectionFire door

Question 8: Completely vacant buildings can also attract ________, and are eventually targeted for redevelopment or at least renovation.

Question 9: A closely-related meaning is the number of units in such a building that are rented or ________, or otherwise in-use.
LeaseLeasingLeasehold estateProperty law

Question 10:
Different occupancies within one building are separated by a fire barrier[1] with a defined ________.
Fire testFire-resistance ratingPassive fire protectionFirestop


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