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Occultation: Quiz


Question 1: The proposed satellite would have a dimension of 70 m × 70 m, a mass of about 600 kg, and maneuver by means of an ________ engine in combination with using the sheet as a light sail.
Electrostatic ion thrusterSpacecraft propulsionIon thrusterHall effect thruster

Question 2: An updated version of this design is called the ________, which uses a sunflower-shaped coronagraph disc.
Space Interferometry MissionNew Worlds MissionKepler MissionHubble Space Telescope

Question 3: ________ will cause actual observed times to vary by a few minutes, depending on the precise location of the observer.
StarParallaxApparent magnitudeBinary star

Question 4: At the ________ of the orbit, the satellite would remain relatively stationary with respect to the ground, allowing longer exposure times.
Standard gravitational parameterOrbital eccentricityApsisOrbital period

Question 5: A transit of Mars across Jupiter on 12 Sep 1170 was observed by the monk Gervase at ________, and by Chinese astronomers.
Herne Bay, KentWhitstableCanterburyFordwich

Question 6: ________' rings were first discovered when that planet occulted a star in 1977.

Question 7: The Big Occulting Steerable Satellite (BOSS) was a proposed satellite that would work in conjunction with a telescope to detect ________ around distant stars.
JupiterSolar SystemMercury (planet)Planet

Question 8: The Moon's orbit is inclined to the ________ (see orbit of the Moon), and any stars with an ecliptic latitude of less than about 6.5 degrees may be occulted by it.

Question 9: The term occultation is most frequently used to describe those relatively frequent occasions when the ________ passes in front of a star during the course of its orbital motion around the Earth.
Ganymede (moon)Io (moon)MoonMercury (planet)

Question 10: There are three first magnitude stars that are sufficiently close to the ecliptic that they may be occulted by the Moon and by planets -- Regulus, Spica and ________.
Iota1 ScorpiiAntaresBeta ScorpiiDelta Scorpii


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